50 years of the Ubiquitous Chip

What is a ubiquitous chip?

Glasgow’s legendary restaurant, Ubiquitous Chip, or as it’s locally known, “The Chip” celebrates its 50th Birthday. Technically it was last year, but in these times…well being able to sit in The Chip to celebrate seems an accomplishment so we are sure you’ll let them enjoy their belated birthday.

I’ve been going to the chip for many years now and I even had my Graduation dinner there. I thought I’d have a look back at my old photos to see the chip over the years, and funnily enough, I have a lot of fuzzy photos just like my memories (hic!). Here is one showing my pint of Furstenberg – I’m sure that The Chip was the first place to serve Furstenburg on tap in Glasgow, one of the reasons to go, to get something other than Tennents.

This one is from 2010, must have been in with the father as there’s a Guinness here.

Back to the begining

Ubiquitous Chip was opened in 1971 by Ronnie Clydesdale to bring Scottish food to Scottish people. In the age of Vesta ready meals in post-industrial Glasgow, this was a challenge. However, as you can see by reaching its 50th Birthday, The Ubiquitous Chip was much needed and inspired a resurgence of Scottish dining.

This was one of the first places where you could find out where your bacon came from…not just bacon but Ramsay of Carluke bacon, this was unheard of…normally, you just had bacon and that was that!

So ubiquitous, what is that about? Well, that’s because chips are indeed ubiquitous on menus throughout Glasgow, and indeed the UK.

Photos of The Ubiquitous Chip

Since all my images seem to be of my beer on various tables, here are some images from The Ubiquitous Chip’s Facebook page.

Facebook/Ubiquitous Chip
The Wee Pub/Facebook/Ubiquitous Chip

The Wee Pub. Such is my memory of The Chip, I can’t remember when the wee pub opened. It is more of a whisky bar so I would usually go up the stairs to drink a beer or some wine. Plus going upstairs meant the chance for some food as well.

The main interesting part of The Chip is the Alasdair Gray mural. Alasdair Gray was a writer and artist who painted murals within The Chip of the regulars, writers and artists of the West End. You can also see his work within Oran Mor and at Hillhead Underground Station.

Below is an image of the main restaurant within the Ubiquitous Chip. My main memories of dining here are the wonderful Caledonian Ice Cream which was deliciously creamy with toasted honey oatmeal and fruit, and their bread and butter pudding, both served with a glass of Rutherglen Muscat – ah I can almost taste it now.

Facebook/Ubiquitous Chip
Menu from 2012/ Trip Advisor

Glasgow isn’t really known for good weather so there aren’t too many rooftop bars in the city but the Chip has one, which was a welcome addition to the various areas to relax in, but you have to get in quick to grab a spot on a good day.

Facebook/Ubiquitous Chip

With the Covid pandemic came the opportunity to refurbish the chip. One of the new additions is an old table from Glasgow School of Art now part of the upstairs bar.

Facebook/Ubiquitous Chip

Here we are in 2022 and an in-focus shot of a beer this time.

So Happy 50th Birthday to The Chip and here’s to 50 more years of featuring in fuzzy photos and great nights.

Where is the Ubiquitous Chip

Ubiquitous Chip, 12 Ashton Lane, Hillhead, Glasgow, G12 8SJ




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