5 easy soup recipes

5 easy to make soups

A bowl of soup can be a simple midweek dinner or heat up for a quick lunch. These simple to make best easy soup recipes will have your freezer filled no time.

Pumpkin, ginger and apple soup (Vegan)

Use either pumpkin or butternut squash and add some ginger to give this soup a fragrant touch.

Recipe: Pumpkin, Ginger and Apple Soup (Vegan)

Chicken and rice soup

Keep it simple with this chicken and rice soup.

Recipe: Easy Chicken and Rice Soup

Courgette and pea soup

Bright and healthy with this courgette and pea soup.

Courgette and Pea Soup Recipe

Spicy Sweetcorn soup

Chilli flakes add some kick to this sweetcorn soup.

Recipe: Spicy Organic Sweetcorn Soup

Split pea and ham soup

Snert, a gorgeous sounding soup – pea and ham soup Dutch style.

Recipe: Split Pea and Ham Soup

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5 easy to make soups

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