Three Course Taste of Travel Menu

carcassonne michelin star

We have been asked to take part in Taste of Travel competition by creating our very own three-course travel menu.Winners will get the chance to travel the world on a 7-night cruise, as well as enjoying fantastic food from Great British Chefs.



You don’t think of Kiev as a place for foodies to head to on holiday but you’ll miss out on a lot of delicious, home-style food. I headed there on holiday to discover more about my ancestral home, and came back with a love of varenyky .

These little unleavened dough pillows are stuffed full of either savory fillings such as cabbage, meat or cheese well as sweet such as strawberries, plums or cherries. Served with dollops of sour cream, these aren’t a diet food! These little wonders even have monuments erected to them in as far-flung places as Alberta, Canada and Minneapolis, USA. You don’t have to have to be Ukrainian to love them.

varynyky pierogi kiev


The best city in the world for food, in my opinion is Berlin. It has street food markets, the place where the Doner Kebab was invented, the best hamburgers around (ever eaten in an old Pissoire?) and even a restaurant that sell just chicken.

Embrace the attitude of a Berliner and grab a Currywurst and pommes – curry sausage and chips. Sit on a bench with your beer, wander about Alexander Platz taking in the sights of the architecture and the tourists around or eat one in one of the many bars with the best beers in the world to match. Currywurst is the perfect travellers meal. It’s quick, you don’t need to stop wandering whilst eating it, and every time you pass a stall, those Berlin memories will come flooding back.


berlin currywurst


I’m a big dessert fan, and I believe I have a separate pudding stomach to enable myself to recover from the biggest of meals to accommodate dessert!

A surprise quick break led us to Carcassonne in the South of France. I’d never been here and got searching for information. Reading that there was a nearby Michelin starred restaurant. Never having made it to any and finding a two Michelin starred restaurant on your doorstep, we booked straight in. Would have been very rude not to! The lunch was astounding.

Sitting in the garden we had bees buzzing around us, a gentle wind, sunshine and the freshest ingredients presented perfectly. Our dessert, Duo Croquant Caramel-Agrumes Sorbet Acidulé which is roughly Crunchy Caramel Duo – Tangy Citrus Sorbet, had so many levels of textures and tastes I’m sure it took us a while to get our heads around the many senses being aroused that day.

Each time I smell chocolate and caramel now I think of a gentle early summer day with the most delicious and perfectly presented food I’ve seen.

carcassonne michelin star


Now that you’ve read my three-course menu, I want to read yours. In the spirit of the competition, I would like to nominate my fellow bloggers: Get Stuffed  Glasgowly and A Wee Pinch of Sugar




I am Emma and with my husband Mark write Foodie Explorers which is a food and travel website.

I am a member of the Guild of Food Writers and British Guild of Travel Writers.

We have a wide range of judging experience covering products, hotels and have judged, for example, for Great Taste Awards and Scottish Baker of the Year.

Along the way Mark gained WSET Level 2 in Wine and I have WSET Level 2 in Spirits as well as picking up an award with The Scotsman Food and Drink Awards.    

Usually I can be found sleeping beside a cat.

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