Deutsche Bahn Travel Tickets

Deutsche Bahn German rail train

As we are doing a bit of travelling when in Germany we have teamed up with Deutsche Bahn to utilise their group travel tickets. These are great for being able to travel around without worrying about the cost of travel.

Deutsche Bahn German rail logo
©Deutsche Bahn

The Quer-Durchs-Land ticket starts at €44 for one person with an additional €8 per extra traveller e.g €52 for two people, €60 for three. This tickets gives unlimited travel on DB regional trains, nationwide for a full day, Monday to Friday. So, theoretically you could travel from Hamburg all the way down to Munich for €44!

We aren’t travelling that far in one day but the three of us travelling it works out at €60 to travel from Berlin to Nuremberg and then on participating local trains.

Find out more on our sister blog here.

Deutsche Bahn German rail train
© Deutsche Bahn


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