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Where was The Queen’s Gambit filmed?


Netflix has grabbed audiences with The Queen’s Gambit, which is an adaptation of Walter Tevis’s 1983 novel of the same name. The series revolves around chess prodigy Beth Harmon and her life from childhood as an orphan learning chess through her rise in the world of chess. Although set in Lexington, Kentucky, most of the series was actually filmed in Berlin, as well as Ontario.

Here are some of the spots in Berlin that were used as a film location for The Queen’s Gambit.  Many thanks to Netflix for use of the production stills.

Map showing the filming locations for The Queen’s Gambit


French Restaurant

The first scenes are set in 1967 Paris, however, they are filmed at Haus Cumberland on Kurfürstendamm in Berlin-Wilmersdorf. The now-closed luxurious Café Grosz on the ground floor was once part of a Grand Hotel.


Images courtesy of Netflix

Images courtesy of Netflix

Methuen orphanage

The Methuen Home orphanage for girls is a castle located in the outskirts of Berlin called Schloss Schulzendorf.


Ben Snyder Lexington

The interior of the store is the Humana secondhand and vintage shop at 3 Frankfurter Tor in Berlin.

inside Ben Snyder The Queens Gambit
Image courtesy of Netflix

Henry Clay High School

Max Taut Schule in Rummelsburg (Berlin). This school was once Germany’s largest school.

Image Visit Berlin


Cincinnati chess tournament

The hotel lobby is the Rathaus Spandau, the town hall of the Spandau district in Berlin.

rathaus spandau
Image Wikipedia

The room with the wood-panelled ceiling was filmed in Berlin’s Meistersaal. This 1910 historic concert hall near Potsdamer Platz is a venue for events and private parties today. From 1976 to 1991 the Meistersaal was transformed into the Hansa recording studio headquarters, used by top artists like David Bowie and U2.

Meistersaal Hansa
Image Wikipedia


Hotel Mariposa Las Vegas and Las Vegas Tournament

The US Open held in the Hotel Mariposa in Las Vegas is the Palais am Funkturm building of Messe Berlin.

Designed by Bruno Grimmek, the Palais am Funkturm was built in 1956/57.  It has a retractable staircase, partitions, and a chandelier adjustable for height and Berlin’s largest ballroom.

Located in the Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf district of the city, The entrance was modified digitally adding palm trees and a new building.

netflix the queens gambit
image Netflix


Palais am funkturm
Image Berlin Messe
Palais am funkturm
Image Berlin Messe

Aztec Palace Hotel, Mexico City

The Aztec Palace Hotel was filmed in the foyer of the Friedrichstadt-Palast in Mitte. The original 1919 building was destroyed in the 1980s by the German Democratic Republic, however, in 1984 the new Friedrichstadt-Palast opened. Its concrete architecture retains basic ideas of the old interior vestibule but has a new contemporary façade. 

The scenes in the Mexican zoo were also filmed in the Berlin Zoological Garden.

the queens gambit berlin
Image Netflix
friedrichstadt palast
Image Wikipedia

Ohio Chess Championship

The interior hall is the Protestant University of Applied Sciences Berlin in Zehlendorf (Evangelische Hochschule Berlin).

the queens gambit

the queens gambit
Images Netflix

Bode Museum as Paris

Scenes of 1967 Paris were filmed in the Bode Museum on Museum Island.

bode museum wikipedia
Image Visit Berlin

Moscow Tournament

The scenes of the tournament in Moscow were filmed in the Bear Hall of the Old City Hall of Berlin (Der Bärensaal im Alten Stadthaus), not to be confused with the nearby Rotes Rathaus.

moscow tournament the queens gambit
Image Netflix
Image Visit Berlin

Moscow Hotel

The Moscow hotel is the facade from a Stalinist era apartment block on Karl-Marx-Allee (Friedrichshain).  Google Maps

karl marx allee berlin

Panorama Bar Kino International

The restaurant of the hotel in Moscow is the Panorama Bar of Kino International, which can similarly be found on Karl-Marx-Allee.

kino international
Playing chess in the street

The final scene with Beth walking in the streets of Moscow, meeting chess-players, was shot at Rosengarten Square, also located on Karl-Marx-Allee.

Click here for a recipe for a Gibson cocktail as seen in The Queens Gambit.

height of arrows gibson cocktail



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