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Thaikhun SIlverburn Cookery Class fresh ingredients

Learning Thai Cookery

Mrs Foodie and I popped along to Thaikun at Silverburn, to take part in a cookery class, where we would be shown how to create a popular Thai starter, main course and cocktail.

On arrival at the restaurant, we were warmly greeted by our host for the evening, and shown to our seats – for a change we were fashionably early, and the first to arrive for the cooking lessons.

Thaikhun SIlverburn Cookery Class
Before taking our places for the class, we were given a brief presentation on the eating habits and popular delicacies of each region of Thailand by someone from the country, but who has now made Scotland her home. Mrs Foodie and I found this part particularly interesting, especially when we learned the full name for Bangkok (it’s very long!).

Thaikhun SIlverburn Cookery Class map

First up, courtesy of the restaurant’s drinks mixologist, we were to learn how to make the perfect Coconut Mojito or Virgin Mojito. All of the lessons were in full view of the passers by in the shopping centre, so definitely fun if you like an audience!

Thaikhun SIlverburn Cookery Class Cocktail Barman Strangely enough, we both decided to go for the alcoholic version. We were shown how to mix the cocktail by our teacher, then it was our turn. Both Mrs Foodie and myself commented on the difference that the addition of Coco Real made to the popular cocktail.

Thaikhun SIlverburn Cookery Class mojito
Following our successful attempts at cocktail making, we moved on to the actual cooking part of the class. Here we would be shown how to cook Tom Yum Gai (Chicken Tom Yum), and Pad Thai Gai (Chicken Pad Thai), then attempt to create the dish ourselves – easier said than done! The Chef, from Thailand, talked us through all the ingredients and where they were sourced etc.

Thaikhun SIlverburn Cookery Class chef
Both Mrs Foodie and I donned the chefs’ whites and got stuck in to cooking. I did my best impression of Heston Blumenthal, as you can see from the pics, to see if it helped me out any.

Thaikhun SIlverburn Cookery Class Mr C

With the Tom Yum Gai, a soup dish, I was slightly braver than Mrs Foodie, and plumped for an extra chilli for that added kick.

Thaikhun SIlverburn Cookery Class Ingredients

Thaikhun SIlverburn Cookery Class Pad Thai

The soup was like a main course on its own, and definitely looked the part once served up in traditional thai bowl.

Thaikhun SIlverburn Cookery Class soup

We both stuck strictly to the ingredients for the Pad Thai Gai, a mainly noodle, egg and stir-fried chicken dish. The portion for this dish was also quite substantial, and as a result, we both struggled to eat it all.

Thaikhun SIlverburn Cookery Class ingredients pad thai

Not to worry, we were able to take the food home in handy containers. This was accompanied by a selection of ingredients and sauces in a goody bag, just in case we wished to relive the cooking experience at home.

Thaikhun SIlverburn Cookery Class Dinner
Overall, the experience was very enjoyable in a nice relaxed atmosphere with the occasional onlooker! All the staff/teachers were helpful, and very knowledgeable about Thai cuisine.


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Mr C
Mr C

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