Simply roasted crisps product review

simply roasted crisps

Lower fat and salt, roasted crisps

Being carb fans, we love crisps a little too much…it’s our go to late night savoury snack, but what if there were healthier crisps without a taste compromise? Well, it turns out there are, and we were asked to give simply roasted crisps a try.

What are simply roasted crisps?

Simply roasted crisps are low-salt, and low-fat as they are roasted, not fried like the usual high street brands.  Made using skin on, sliced potatoes, once roasted, they are then lightly seasoned and contain no artificial flavours.

simply roasted crisps

What flavours are available?

The current core range of flavours are:

  • sea salt
  • sea salt & cider vinegar
  • mature cheddar & red onion
  • black truffle

So you have classic ready salted / plain covered, salt & vinegar, and cheese & onion, plus a more unusual gourmet flavour for the foodies.

Our thoughts on simply roasted Crisps

The whaft of aroma when you open the bag at first is enticing, especially the sea salt and cider vinegar.  These are made using Suffolk cider vinegar thus providing the flavour without the cheek clenching assault on the tastebuds. The mature cheddar & red onion has the strong cheese and sweet onion flavour you’d expect, the black truffle certainly tastes truffley without potentially clearing the room, while the sea salt does exactly what it says on the bag.

Styled a bit like Kettle chips but without that stabby, jaggyness that comes with them (well for me they do!)  There is a different kind of crunch here, maybe due to the potatoes being sliced just that little bit thicker?

The seasoning is light, giving the chance for the potato to shine here.

simply roasted crisps

These crisps offer a simple yet satisfying crisp experience, with the good feeling provided by the low fat and low salt benefits. Simply roasted crisps are made in Norfolk in the UK and each 21.5g bag is under 100 calories (92 – 94cal depending on flavour).

Where to buy

Available from Whole Foods, Waitrose, Ocado and via Simply Roasted Crisps online

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Frankie sez

We were gifted the crisps to try, Frankie verifies that we tasted all the flavours and have given them an honest review.




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