Silk and Satin with LSA

LSA international silk glassware

We’ve long been fans of LSA glassware, since receiving the biggest vase I’ve ever seen around 9 years ago – and it’s still in one piece, not a single chip (touches wooden head )

Been looking at their website for trends and liked the look of these new styles. I was impressed with the solid quality of their previous work, however their satin and silk ranges are solid but with some excellent dainty looking twists.

“The Silk collection is inspired by the threads of raw spun silk. Strands of black or white are interlaced within each piece’s thick, mouthblown glass walls. Organic shapes are created by skilled glassblowers who expertly squash each vase with wooden tools while the glass is still hot. The collection’s signature smooth matte finish is reminiscent of the fabric’s silky texture. Silk’s black and white vases are individually gift boxed. Fill with a bouquet of structured stems or decorative twigs or place a candle inside and use as a lantern.”

I really liked the silk vase. It’s 23cm in height so a statement piece but not too big. A good solid piece and works well with flowers and a candle inside. The colours and shapes of the vase looked quite spooky.

LSA international silk glassware
23cm Vase

The other part of the collection is Satin.

“Satin is a collection of matte black accessories with fluid curves and contemporary forms. Inspired by the contrasting faces of satin, traditional glassmaking techniques are used to layer black glass inside walls of colourless glass. Each piece is smooth to the touch and has a subtle sheen when it catches the light. Each vase and comport is gift boxed in photographic packaging. The collection’s contemporary designs create impact when displayed alone as decorative objects and co-ordinate perfectly with monochrome colour schemes.”

My pick from this collection was a Satin Comport, 23cm dia glass.

LSA international silk glassware


This was so smooth but unlike a glass texture to touch.  The finish felt like a peach, smooth but with texture with the glass being handmade.  Again solidly made, I wouldn’t like to drop this on my foot!

Apart from potpourri, I could see this housing a decadent chocolate mousse or trifle.


The pieces seem expensive, however I’ve had my vase for around 9 years and it’s still solid.  These pieces would make ideal statement points in   room as well as handy for a trifle!

To buy check out their website, and as I found out, sign up to their email list for 10% off too!

LSA international silk glassware


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