Rumours, Bath Street, Glasgow

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I love soft shell crabs, the only problem being getting to Asia Style that often to eat them.  Thankfully I have a new home!  Rumours is a cafe style restaurant in that  you can be sharing your table with someone else, service is quick and there is a friendly atmosphere.  The waitresses are not the happiest, but they know their stuff.

We plumped  for two pearl drinks, that is sorbets with semolina pearls in them, sounds awful but they are refreshing and the pop as you try to suck up a pearl eases the OMG what am I going to order off this menu.

Mixed Fruit and a Kiwi Fruit Sorbet

We went for malaysian pancake which comes with a curry sauce dip and chicken and mango spring rolls, both delish!

we then moved onto soft shell crabs and a mixed rice combination with egg gravy.  I have to say, these were better than Asia Style (oooh no!) not as much spice so you could taste the crab and the chunks were a lot better to handle.

Totally stuffed at the end of it but money well spent, can’t wait for more soft shell crabs.

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