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camilla wordie exhibition

A new exhibition eat to live or live to eat by Camilla Wordie

Art director and stylist Camilla Wordie has a new exhibition Eat to Live or Live to Eat, opening this May at Feelium Gallery in London.

Turning traditional still life and portraiture on its head to create a new ‘food portrait’, this is a playful exploration of our intricate relationship with food – a universal love language understood by all.

In Eat to Live or Live to Eat, Camilla Wordie will be interviewing ten individuals across different industries, including artists, designers, shop owners, and storytellers; some who hate to cook, others who love to eat and those who are meticulous about their weekly shop.

They will sharing their top ten ingredients, from weekly food shops to Saturday night takeaways in the ultimate artistic challenge that will capture their characters, stories and relationship with food.

camilla wordie exhibition Eat to Live
Camilla Wordie, portrait of Jenny Cousins, director of the Food Museum (photographed by Marco Kesseler)
camilla wordie exhibition
Camilla Wordie (photographed by Dunja Opalko)
camilla wordie exhibition
Camilla Wordie, portrait of Cassandra Ellis, founder of Atelier Ellis (photographed by Emma Lee)


Camilla Wordie comments: “Eat to Live or Live to Eat is not just an exhibition; it’s a conversation starter. As renowned chef René Redzepi once said, “Food is a way to explore the world,” and I believe, also a way to understand people. This exhibition is a humorous yet serious journey of gastronomic exploration. I want to make people reflect on their food habits, nostalgic moments, their weekly shop and what’s hidden in their kitchen cupboards. By exploring these relationships with people and food, we can unravel deeper emotions, question societal norms, challenge perceptions and tell great stories”

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Feelium Gallery, 7 Kensington Mall, London W8 4B


Wednesday 8th – Sunday 12th May 2024

Opening Times

Mon-Sun 10am-6pm

Admission Free





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