Pastaval 2018 results

Foodie Explorers wedding Pastaval Macaroni

Lots of surprises at this year’s Pastaval 2018

Another Pastaval and what a day it was!  Lots of mac ‘n’ cheese, Mr. Macaroni and…well, Mr & Mrs. Foodie became official – we got married!

Foodie Explorers wedding Pastaval 2018 Macaroni

Not only did we get married, but our best man and ring bearer was Mr. Macaroni (of course!), our cake was mac ‘n’ cheese themed and we had some macaroni styled jewellery as well…

Cufflinks for Mr. Foodie.

Foodie Explorers wedding Pastaval 2018 Macaroni

And earrings for me.

Foodie Explorers wedding Pastaval 2018 Macaroni

Special shout out to Claire at What Claire Did for the amazing cake That mac ‘n’ cheese looked so real – and was darn tasty as well!

Foodie Explorers wedding Pastaval 2018 Macaroni

We even had some blog-related confetti made up of cutlery, wine glasses, aeroplanes, black cats to represent our pet Fred, and uncooked macaroni pasta (which hurts when people through it at you!)

Foodie Explorers wedding Pastaval 2018 Macaroni

Thank you so much to everyone for sharing our special day with us.

Oh yeah… the scores! It was a close call in the end with the Butterfly and the Pig just edging it!

The Butterfly and the Pig – 714.5
The Bungo – 708
Hickory – 676.5
Surf dogs – 628.5
Lebowskis – 556.5

Foodie Explorers wedding Pastaval 2018 Macaroni

The top three swapped places quite a bit during the count which made for a day of excitement in addition to our wedding!

Paws up no fix for The Butterfly and the Pig South winning even though our wedding was held there – Fred would never let that happen! The scores are provided by those who take part and return their scorecards.

fred purr of honour

Here’s a slideshow of some of the day’s photos…were you there?




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