Hug my dog food review


It’s not just the cats in the family that deserve to eat tasty food. Eddie, our doggo correspondent, assisted us this week by trying out some Hug Pet Food for with their Hug my dog range.

Eddie working up an appetite

What is Hug my dog food?

Hug my dog meals are ready meals that contain high-quality British meat and seasonal vegetables.

Microwave meals for dogs?

Yes, you read that right. These meals are ready to cook and serve in minutes.

What flavours are in the Hug my dog range?

There are three flavours: pork with apple; chicken with carrots; and beef with sweet potato.

Eddie is good at taking product photos


Eddie was happy that the ingredients list looked as good as the range of flavours available. The first ingredient in each of the flavours was the meat itself and listed at 70%. Plus there’s a blend of vitamins and minerals including probiotics to look after the health of your pet.

Not being filled with grains and fillers should mean a better poop for your dog as well. Less smells and less…unpleasantness.

How to cook the Hug my dog food range

A hug can be cooked straight in the microwave from thawed. Once defrosted, Hug food must be eaten by your pet within 2 days.


Before cooking, make sure each portion is defrosted in the fridge for 24 hours to ensure the food is fully thawed. Then place the portion required into a microwavable dish, peel back the lid on the container before heating and stir halfway through cooking to ensure the food is cooked thoroughly.

The food is safe to keep refrigerated for two days once defrosted or cooked.

Verdict from Eddie

Eddie is quite a picky eater for a dog. It has been known for him to turn his nose up at tins of dog food that looked tasty enough even for a human to eat.

As you can see from the photo below, he was more than happy to test this out.

The test portions passed with flying colours, he was munching and enjoying the chunks of real meat so much that he was a blur for photos! We are sure that he would have given these a thumbs up, if he could. Eddie approved and Granny was happy that he enjoyed his dinner, and that he didn’t seem as gassy as can be following some dog foods – hurrah!




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