Holy Cow! Gourmet Burger Bar, Zähringerstrasse 28, Zurich 8001

Holy Cow Zurich burger

We accidentally stumbled upon a gourmet burger chain in Switzerland!

A bright room with stools greeted us. It looked student-friendly and prices weren’t too steep by Swiss standards – in fact they do a student meal deal with their basic beef and cheeseburgers.

There was a wide selection of burgers and we opted for Yo Ginza Beef (100% Swiss Beef, Teryaki Sauce, Wasabi Mayo, Ginger) which was €13.90 for the burger and €19.90 for the meal, and Smokey Big Cheese and Bacon (100% Swiss Beef, cheese, bacon, sauce BBQ, caramalised onions) costing the same.

Both meals came with chips and unlimited refillable “syrups”, or you could pay extra for a regular drink. We went for the syrups, of which there were 4 (elderflower, raspberry etc) . A good idea but the syrups were a bit watery and could do with a bit more…ahem syrup!

Holy Cow Zurich burger

The bun was lovely with both sesame and poppy seeds, the beef was tender and juicy and all the toppings were good quality. The chips were double cooked in their skins so fluffy inside but crispy outside. Yum!

Afterwards a member of staff asked how we enjoyed our food and he seemed pleased with our response! It was very tasty, perhaps not quite as good as our favourite burger-chain, Burger Bar in Amsterdam, but certainly on the right track. If you’re looking for something sweet they sell ice-cream, including “Donkey poo” flavour (chocolate!).

Check it out if you find yourself in Switzerland as they have five outlets around the country, and one in Rouen in France.

Read more about them here and find their official website here.

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