Food Review: BRGR, 562 Great Western Road , Glasgow G12 8EL

BRGR burger Glasgow west end

We settled into this new, brightly light and small restaurant/take-away on Great western Road just along from Kelvinbridge Underground, where The Black Rabbit once resided. Inspired by true American burger joints (there is actually a chain called BRGR in NY) we were looking forward to our burgers after being underwhelmed by the offerings at some of Glasgow’s other new burger eateries.

BRGR burger Glasgow west end
Food Menu

The fairly simple menu.

BRGR burger Glasgow west end
Boozy Shakes

BRGR will try and lure you in with their “HARD shakes” AKA alcoholic milkshakes, such as Bounty (Malibu), Terry’s (Cointreau), The Beast (Kraken spiced rum), Bangin (Berry Stoli vodka) and caudl Coffee (Kahlua). They also sell soft shakes for any teetotallers or anyone going dry for January. If you don’t want a shake they sell plenty of other drinks and even a few decent beers such as Leffe Blonde, which in my opinion is too full-on for eating with a burger unless you’re Geoff Capes.

BRGR burger Glasgow west end
Need a helping hand with your burger?

The hawder in all it’s glory. Simple fold and “hawd” – more on that later.

BRGR burger Glasgow west end
Chicken wings with Barbie sauce £5

The wings, in a sweet BARBQ sauce were hot and pretty tasty, though not as good as what we’ve sampled in The Drake or Kitty O’Sheas recently.

BRGR burger Glasgow west end
Rooster chips £2

Rooster chips get the thumbs up from us.

BRGR burger Glasgow west end
Mac & cheese £3.50

The macacroni on the other hand was a bit of a let-down and not very cheesy.

BRGR burger Glasgow west end
The Barbie…..Ken? £7.50

The Barbie burger came with onions, a pickled cucumber, lettuce, barbeque sauce and American relish. The burger was a bit pink (good!), but not too moist and perhaps even a bit rubbery – but it retained its shape which is the main thing for me, I’m fed up with burgers collapsing all over the place in trendy overpriced hipster joints.

BRGR burger Glasgow west end
The Coo Tipper £6 +£1 = £7

The Coo Tipper – although it probably doesn’t look like, this onions, pickled cucumber and lettuce affair with added cheese & bacon (an extra 50p each taking it up to £7) also had structural integrity and no fingers get covered in sauce – actually it was probably the “hawder” at work and nothing magic in the burger formula, either way our fingers remained free of unwanted burger sauce so a “hawder” is probably something other places should look into, or maybe hipsters like their fingers drippy!

The boozy milkshakes are a bit heavy-going with all that meat and a bit of a hit on the wallet but we got talking to staff who tell us that they’re being reduced in size and price pretty soon, or perhaps by the time you read this, they will be £4 instead of £7.50 but will retain the same amount of alcohol (a 35ml shot) which is much more appealing!

The burgers were good but not sensational, the hard milkshakes a good idea, and the staff friendly and the toilets small but functional.


+ Ye git tae haud yer burger wi’ a hawder!
+ Staff weren’t hipsters
+ Toilets clean
+ Alcoholic milkshakes (and now cheaper!)
+ Handy for transport

– Milkshakes a bit big & costly – but this has been addressed
– macaroni needs more cheesiness!

Vist them here:

BRGR burger Glasgow west endThis is how the room looks if you have too many alcoholic milkshakes!

UPDATE: 23/01/15 – Edited milkshake prices following confirmation from @BRGRgla

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