Cocktail Recipe: British Royale

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British Cassis British Royale Cocktail

What better way to celebrate the royal wedding than with a cocktail!  Waitrose (and Amazon) sell British Cassis and it’s perfect alongside some English fizz, such as Castle Brook Classic Cuvee, to create a celebratory drink.

British Cassis British Royale cocktail Kir Royal

British Cassis comes from the White Heron Estate in Herefordshire which has been in Jo Hilditches family for 140 years. They know their blackcurrants as the farm supplies Ribena.

The blackcurrant berries are picked, pressed and fermented a little with champagne yeast.  The berries are then blended with vodka to fortify and some sugar to increase the sweetness .

The blackcurrants shine in this liqueur. Fruity and decadent.  Perfect over ice or topped up with Champagne. Not as sweet as other fruit liqueurs. So 👍 from us.

This British Royale cocktail is a twist on the traditional Kir Royal and a suitably home-grown way to celebrate the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

How to make a British Royale:


British Cassis
English sparkling wine (Castle Brook Classic Cuvee 2013 )


Pop a trio of blackcurrants in a chilled flute or coupette.
Add a generous dash of British Cassis.
Then top with your favourite sparkling wine.

Add some candy floss on the top of the drink for an even more extravagant cocktail!

British Cassis British Royale cocktail Kir Royal

British Cassis (50 cl) is available online and at many retail outlets all over the UK including Waitrose, Majestic and Whole Foods stores. RRP £19.99.

Castle Brook Classic Cuvee 2013 – £30 from Waitrose

🥂 cheers!

British cassis cocktail summer royal wedding


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