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Aromo Coffee – Espress Coffee Pods, Beans and Ground Coffee



Aromo Espresso Coffee Beans and Grounds

We were asked to try out some espresso coffee from Aromo.   The coffee comes in beans, grounds, Nespresso, Senseo compatible pods as well as ESE pods which fit most commercial machines.    We plumped for the pre-ground as well as the beans to grind ourselves to try them out.

Aromo Espresso Coffee Beans and Grounds

As soon as the bag’s we opened the aroma hits.  This is a strong coffee and it’s ready to hit you between the eyes (a bit like the lady in the packaging!).  One hundred percent Arabica makes this a less bitter coffee than Robusta.

Aromo Espresso Cups

We tried this one straight up a more southern Italian style without the cremino Napoli topping in order to get the full taste.   We certainly got it, a full bodied, strong and not too acidic tasting coffee.  We then tried it Naples style, which brought back images of sitting at a street cafe watching people pass by.  At £4 a bag, or from £5 a bag for pods, and free delivery for £35 or more, this is a great tasting coffee to have at home.


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