Drink: Aragon Bar, Byres Road, Glasgow

The Aragon in Glasgows Byres road holds happy memories for me. It was where I had my first pint. So it was with sadness that I watched it fall into decline over the years. To be honest, I had pretty well given up on it.

Recently, the windows looked brighter and I decided to have another look.  Transformation is the least of it. Not in the physical sense … Well actually its a lot warmer. The changes are subtle, but boy have they made a difference. Its difficult to define atmosphere. But the Aragon now has a huge feel good factor that puts it at the top of my list of West End pub

I asked Julie Hattie, the new owner how she had made such a big difference in the six months she has been here.

“Work in progress” was her reply. Julie explained her aim was not to change The Aragon, but to restore it to former glory in a way that suits todays pub goer.

Plans are afoot to provide a range of real ales. So watch out for new pumps coming soon. Meantime, 13 Hop, Innes and Gunn, St Mungo and The Aragon’s own bitter are available on tap.

There is a good selection of Whiskies and Gins (Fever Tree too) and with Prosecco at £12 a bottle, freshly brewed tea and a great smelling proper espresso machine, this is an all round winning pub.

Monday night is quiz night, and with free half time pies I could become a quiz fan! Sundays meanwhile see live traditional Scottish music from Skye and South Uist. Come along, and if you are a player join in.

There is sport, and background music. But both are well under control with plenty of space to relax and have a chat.


Dog friendly… so come and join me 🙂

+A no nonsense local pub where friendly staff serve well kept beer at decent prices.

+The atmosphere is great.  An adult oasis in an often over child friendly world.

old father foodie

old father foodie

Old Father Foodie spent over 20 years working as a chef in and around the Glasgow area. He watched the rise of Lambrusco, the demise of the steak house and still remembers life before Mcdonalds.

He then spent many years working on education projects in Europe. Still a keen cook, he has picked up the odd tip or two along the way and now enjoys sharing them on these pages.

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  1. C

    I can only agree. Popped in briefly today when the weather was scorching. Calm relaxed mid day atmosphere and the pub was lovely and cool. Staff were friendly. Just a cracking traditional pub with fair priced tasty lager.

    I’ll be back the next time I venture up Byers road.

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