Ten ways to have Halloween fun at home!

Halloween fun at home

Make halloween more fun with these suggestions

Halloween doesn’t need to mean expensive costumes, busy parties or wandering the streets in rubbishy weather visiting neighbours who won’t answer their door!  If you’re staying in this Halloween here are ten ways you can still have Halloween fun at home.


1. Make a creepy gingerbread house

Make a gingerbread house yourself or buy this one with all the pieces made for you at Morrison’s for £5.
Halloween fun at home
Get together to decorate the spooky house and then destroy it by munching it!

Halloween fun at home

2. Munch some gooey doughnuts

You can find Halloween doughnuts in a number of places, like the ones below, including pumpkin and Vimto (weirdly!) at Krispy Kreme.

Halloween doughnuts Krispy Kreme

Or here’s a box or tasty treats from Nic’s Deli and Donuts in Glasgow.

Halloween fun at home

3. Serve up some spooky pasta

Before you spoil your appetite, eat some bats and spiders for dinner with this Halloween pasta from Lidl.

Halloween fun at home

4. More themed sweets and treats

Halloween fun at home

Chocolate eyeballs, toffee apple cakes, bonfire logs…

Halloween fun at home

Or Bats & Webs (tomato) or Grim Green teeth (apple) popcorn.

Halloween fun at home

5. Make your own sweets – edible soil and worms

Recipe: Worms in Soil


worms_in_soil_Image glasgow foodie explorers halloween recipe

6. Or…Spooky Spider Jelly

Recipe: Spooky Spider Halloween Jelly

Spooky spider Halloween jelly

7. ‘Dook’ for apples

Also known as Apple bobbing, this is a game played at Halloween. A tub is filled with water and apples are added.  The apples are swirled around in the water, to make it harder to catch.  Either use a fork and drop it from your teeth whilst hanging over a chair or use your teeth and try to catch one in the tub.

Halloween fun at home

8. Photo Booth

Even fi you don’t plan on dressing up and have no props there are plenty of face changing apps that you can download onto your mobile phone to take some scary photos. Search for “halloween face” on the Apple App Store to find a selection for iPhone.

9. Make a turnip lantern

Go back to tradition with a turnip lantern.  It’s a lot harder to carve than a pumpkin, but looks a lot more scary!

A traditional Irish turnip Jack-o’-lantern from the early 20th century. Photographed at the Museum of Country Life, Ireland. (rannṗáirtí anaiṫnid). Read more at Wikipedia.

10. Watch some scary movies

Switch the lights off and place some candles in the turnip lanterns and get ready to watch some scary movies.  How about the original Halloween film from 1978, Carrie or The Shining?

Halloween fun at home




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