Warner Edwards Harrington Dry Gin – BBC Good Food Show Producer

Warner Edwards Harrington Dry Gin – BBC Good Food Show Producer

Warner Edwards gin

Tom Warner and Sion Edwards set up their distillery on Tom’s family farm in Harrington, Northamptonshire and their copper still is based in a 200-year-old converted farm. They use the natural spring water from the farm to make their premium spirits.


These two guys do everything by hand from creating the gin to the bottling, adding the unique wax seal and labelling detail.

Only setting up 10 months ago (December 2012), they are making their mark in the spirit industry with sales now reaching Scotland.

They both left their previous high flying positions in the produce industry to pursue their dream to work for themselves and produce great gin. Having met at agricultural college and becoming friends, they have pursued their dream.


They created an elderflower-infused gin in the summer which swiftly sold-out and their latest venture will be a limited edition sloe gin (orders for the sloe gin are being taken now and it will be ready for their first anniversary on December 6).

In a twist on the age-old tradition of bartering, the guys launched a Warner Edwards Great British Sloe Swap and put out a rallying call to enlist a brigade of berry pickers to hand-pick their sloes and then donate them to Warner Edwards in exchange for bottles of the new sloe gin and other mementos.

This has proved very successful and the sloes that have been swapped are being used to create the new sloe gin!

Looking forward to meeting these guys at the weekend and trying some new gin!

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