Travel to do: Game of Thrones locations in Seville and Cordoba

game of thrones locations seville sevilla cordoba spain

game of thrones locations seville sevilla cordoba spainVisit the sights of Cordoba and Seville shown in Games of Thrones

Cordoba and Seville are magnificent cities to visit to start with, throw in some Game of Thrones film locations and there’s another excuse to visit.

Alcázar de Sevilla, Seville (Water Palaces of Dorne)

The Water Gardens of Dorne, the residence of Martell can be found in Seville and is the Alcázar de Sevilla. Alcazar de Sevilla

The lush gardens and beautiful rooms which once were occupied by spanish royalty and before that the Caliphs who constructed the Alcazar.

game of thrones locations seville sevilla cordoba spain
Alcázar de Sevilla



The Roman bridge in Cordoba, Andalusia (Long Bridge of Volantis)

The beautiful Roman bridge in Cordoba has 16 arches and is 247 metres long. The spectacular view from the South of the bridge showcases the city and the mosque-cathedral. Puente Romano

game of thrones locations seville sevilla cordoba spain
The Roman bridge in Cordoba



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