Top Ten Hangover Cures

hangover cures glasgow foodie top tips

Ten ways to ease a killer of a hangover

Unfortunately here at Foodie Towers we have suffered a hangover or two. Is there anything that can cure one? We have ten tips to help you out of that headache, nausea and all round meh-ness.

1. Water

hangover cure top tips glasgow foodie water

As you know from those twenty trips to the toilet, alcohol is a diurectic. Keep dehydration at bay by alternating your alcoholic drinks with water as well as having a glass of water before falling into your bed. Just don’t drink too much water.

2. Full Breakfast

hangover cure top tips glasgow foodie full breakfast

Fat and carbs always works for us but not the most healthy of cures. Grill your breakfast for added healthiness.

3. Cup of tea

hangover cure top tips glasgow foodie cup mug tea

Tea sorts everthing out. If you have the night after jitters and can’t yet face food, a sugary cuppa might help on the way. Sitting upright to drink your tea is also a good test of whether or not you need that extra 2 hours of horizontal, less spinning head rest.

4. Sleep

hangover cure top tips glasgow foodie sleep

Snooze it off. Grab that duvet, head for the couch and sleep it off.

5. Coconut water

hangover cure top tips glasgow foodie coconut water

A good re-hydrator and tastier than plain water. Supposed to be full of amazingness.

6. Toast

hangover cure top tips glasgow foodie toast

Simple, carby and extra bonus points for toppings such as banana for heath. Basic butter for fats or jam for sugar rush. Plain toast can settle a bad stomach.

7. Painkillers

hangover cure top tips glasgow foodie painkillers
Ease that pounding head with a painkiller but don’t put pressure on that liver working overtime or irritate that queasy stomach.

8. Hair of the dog

hangover cure top tips glasgow foodie alcohol hair of the dog

Not a good idea, more pressure on your system and could lead you into an alcohol viscious circle.

9. Irn Bru

hangover cure top tips glasgow foodie irn bru

Liquid and sugar. Sworn hangover cure of many a Scot.

10. Hangover Soup

hangover cure top tips glasgow foodie korean hangover soup

Mr Foodie came across this in Korea. This meaty broth will help the belly with some much needed food.

Of course the best way is prevention, alternate your drinks with water and try to limit yourself to one alcoholic drink an hour to keep pace with your body.

Do you have any hangover tips? Ways to prevent a hangover? Let us know!

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