Strathearn Distillery launch whisky club

Strathearn distillery whisky club

Photo from Scottish Craft Distillers Association, Colin Hattersley Photography

Strathearn Distillery Launches
The First Whisky Club

Strathearn Distillery prepares to release its first ever Scotch and expand its product range and launch a whisky club.

“Many distilleries are offering whisky clubs” explained Tony Reeman-Clark, founder and Director. “but you have to wait 5 years or more until it has matured. Not with Strathearn though, our first Scotch is ready this December”

The First Whisky Club at Strathearn Distillery will offer members the opportunity to gain exclusive access to bottles from specially selected Strathearn single casks for the next 5 years, starting this December. But the idea doesn’t stop there, as a member you get your own cask with all the bottling and duty paid; the bottles are even delivered to your door.

“We wanted to make it special.” added Katie Scobie, Club Membership Manager, “So we also incorporated an annual dinner for two, including accommodation and sample bottles every year”

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Strathearn distillery whisky club

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