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Stivy's cider food and drink Glasgow blog

It’s stifling hot just now so really handy that we were asked to check out these two ciders from Stivy’s!

Stivy’s flavoured ciders are designed to be enjoyed over ice on a hot summer’s day and as this was perfect weather for it, we did!

Stivy's cider food and drink Glasgow blog

The two flavours we tried were Kola Fruits and Cherry Berry. I am partial to a little shot of their Kola Kubes drink – it’s like your childhood in a glass only with a ‘hic’ at the end, so I looked forward to this one.

Stivy's cider food and drink Glasgow blog

It had the right smell and taste but this was really sweet -‘duh Kola Kubes I know, but it was a bit too sweet for a 500ml bottle, the ice helped dilute the sweetness a bit but I couldn’t see more than one of these being drunk at the one sitting to be honest.

Stivy's cider food and drink Glasgow blog

The Cherry Berry was much easier to drink. With a good cherry tangy-ness and not overly sweet. This got a thumbs up from us all.

We aren’t generally big cider drinkers in the “modern” cider sense but I’d go for another of the cherry ones, which seemed to have more depth of flavour and was quite refreshing without being too sweet. Just remember to add lots and lots of ice to keep it perfectly cool so you don’t dehydrate during the great summer we’re having!

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  1. ITS NOT CIDER…..Its made wine and has never seen a real apple whilst being made, Please dont csll it cider.

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