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Nespresso compatible pods mugpods

Finally, hot chocolate for Nespresso in the UK!

We are still fairly new to the world of Nespresso having previously owned a Tassimo for a number of years, which has a wealth of hot chocolate options such as Cadbury’s, Oreo, Suchard’s and Milka but it’s been a slow process finding alternatives for our Nespresso machine, which is great for coffee but seems to be lacking when it comes to chocolate, tea and other speciality drinks. From speaking to others we discovered that it wasn’t just us who thought that! So why should other coffee machines have all the fun?

If you feel the same then worry no more, because Nespresso Compatible Hot Chocolate Pods from Australia can now be purchased in the UK from

Nespresso compatible pods mugpods

Mugpods sent us the full hot chocolate range plus a double strength coffee to try out. There are five hot chocolate flavours to choose from, each with ten pods per pack. These are:

Smooth & creamy

Plain old regular hot chocolate for who those like it the traditional way but this can be enjoyed both hot or cold. Simply add 100ml hot or cold milk.

Sugar-free hot chocolate

For those who also like it plain but want more of a guilt-free drink there is a sugar-free version. Just add 100ml milk.

Caramel Infusion

For those who go the opposite way and like it sweeter. Just add 100ml milk.

Hazelnut infusion

This was my favourite, which has a lovely nutty nocciolata flavour. Just add 100ml milk.

Mint Infusion

Like a liquid mint Aero, just add 100ml milk. This went down well with Fred who thought it was catnip!

Fred the cat likes Podista mint infusion from Mugpods

Not to be undone, Cleo wanted to get in on the act and was just as intrigued too (though her favourite seems to be hazelnut!).

Instructions to making a hot choc: simply drop one into your Nespresso, using the standard 40ml espresso measure and top with 100ml of (preferably) hot frothed milk (we use a milk frother machine from Lidl which cost £20). For a fuller, extra thick chocolate taste you can use two pods (which we recommend)!

Nespresso compatible hot chocolate pods mugpods

And for anyone looking for stronger coffee rather than hot chocolate, we also tried…

Double Shot coffee

Made using Brazilian coffee with more than twice the amount of caffeine in a regular pod: 155 mg versus 75 mg. Ooft! This also has guarana extract for extra alertness but there’s no added sugar. It’s categorized with an intensity of 16 on the Nespresso scale. The recommended serve is with 150ml frothed or full cream milk. I really enjoyed this one as I prefer coffee with milk but also like to taste a good strong coffee!

Nespresso compatible hot chocolate pods mugpods


Now that we’re coming into winter we’ll be consuming a lot more caffeine-free hot drinks at night and these pods fit the bill for a warming, soothing drink just before bedtime, but you can of course enjoy them anytime of the day. The double-strength coffee was great too but probably best only consuming that in the early half of the day!

The hot chocolate flavours aren’t expensive, they’re £2.95 each while the Double Shot coffee is a mere £2.50. Mugpods also sell sugar-free milkshake (strawberry, chocolate or honeycomb) pods for children and regular coffee pods, prices start from £2.

There’s no minimum order and free delivery if you take a box of 10 or more. We also have a 10% off code. Simply enter “FOODIE” when ordering.


Podista Double Shot coffee
Double Shot coffee with biscuits from The Biscuit Baron


Disclaimer: Mugpods sent us a money off code with 5 varieties of hot chocolate and 1 pack of double coffee to taste test and we all loved them, even the cats!

fred purr of honour

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