Miniature boots created for toast soldiers

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Miniature boots created for toast soldiers

A note from the folks at the Bakers Federation.

The humble toast soldier has been given a smart set of boots to take part in the morning parade known as breakfast! The unique ‘breakfast boots’ have been created by the nation’s bakers in a bid to put toast centre stage as part of a healthy, nutritious breakfast.

The boots, which come as a set of four pairs, are each designed to hold a simple, well-toasted soldier ready to be dipped into a boiled egg. A limited run of 100 of the fun breakfast accessory are available to order from today on the Federation of Bakers website for families and breakfast fans alike – and with a first come first served policy are expected to go fast.

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Bakers federation slice of life soldiers boots toast food drink Glasgow blog
Boots for toast
© The Federation of. Bakers

The initiative is part of the Slice of Life campaign which the Federation is running to promote the health benefits of bread as part of an everyday, balanced diet.

Gordon Polson of the Federation of Bakers explains “We all know that breakfast is the most important meal, and egg and soldiers is a fun and nutritious way to set you up for the day. Most families will have a fancy egg cup or two but we wanted to kit out our toast soldiers properly so that they stand to attention at the table. We hope this makes breakfast even more enjoyable and encourages more people to choose this as a healthy way to start the day.”

Lucy Jones, registered dietitian continues “Bread plays an important role in a healthy balanced diet and these boots give it the respect it deserves. Some people omit bread mistakenly thinking it unhealthy but it is high in fibre, low in fat and rich with calcium, protein and essential vitamins – and as these boots show, there are many fun and creative ways to enjoy it.”

The boots follow last year’s successful launch of Eau De Toast which took the fashion world by storm. Coinciding with London Fashion Week, the fragrance was created as a humorous challenge to the fashion for bread-free diets.

Bakers federation slice of life soldiers boots toast food drink Glasgow blog
Empty boots!
© The Federation of Bakers
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