Hotel Leipzig, Plovdiv Review

Hotel Leipzig Plovdiv review

“…so bright, I gotta wear shades”

That’s a comment from a Tripadvisor review, but did you know that this Timbuk3 song isn’t about an amazing future but rather an impending nuclear holocaust (there’s a cheery thought!)? It was, however, the first thing that came to mind when we visited Hotel Leipzig in the historic city of Plovdiv in Bulgaria.

I admit I like a bit of kitsch and retro decor so when I saw the inside of the hotel, I made sure that Mr Foodie could book us in!  Thankfully, he likes a bit of vintage decor too – and it was one of the cheapest places to stay for the night!


Hotel Leipzig is within walking distance of the Plovdiv Central railway station, Bus Station South and the compact old town.


This is what we came for! Checking in, the hotel lobby did not disappoint with. Bright colours and garish patterns.  Sunglasses please!

Hotel Leipzig Plovdiv review

Hotel Leipzig Plovdiv review


The bedroom was calm by comparison. A slight hint of a tart’s handbag with the purple voile curtains and the leopard skin chair.

Hotel Leipzig Plovdiv review

The room had air-con heating, a minibar, TV, and best of all – a thermometer (maybe this is a requirement in Bulgaria?!)

Hotel Leipzig Plovdiv review

Hotel Leipzig Plovdiv review
Mini bar prices

The view was good, looking towards Alyosha, who is a Soviet soldier standing atop one of the seven hills of Plovdiv. The seventh hill was actually destroyed and is now replaced by a shopping mall, the big brown building to the right of the photo! Should you want to do some shopping you are well placed here.

Hotel Leipzig Plovdiv review


The bathroom is where we were dazzled. Look at that tiling isn’t it divine?

Hotel Leipzig Plovdiv review

Getting funky now.Hotel Leipzig Plovdiv review

Have you ever wanted a telephone at your toilet? Usually, you need to go to 5 Star Vegas resorts for that, but here you can live the dream and prattle while you poop!

Hotel Leipzig Plovdiv review

OK so the telephone didn’t actually work (of course we tested it!), but it’s there to make you feel like a movie star or Elvis.

We secretly loved it, however the smell from the dodgy shower drain didn’t keep the love going. It was stinking by the time morning arrived. Pew!

Hotel Leipzig Plovdiv review


The next morning we made our way down to the restaurant for breakfast.  A handy lazy person lift opens right into the restaurant so you won’t get lost. But even the lift looks gaudy.

Hotel Leipzig Plovdiv review

After the 1980’s decor bedroom and bathroom we moved back in time to Art Nouveau and Viennese coffee house chic. Interesting!

Hotel Leipzig Plovdiv review

Hotel Leipzig Plovdiv review

The best coffee in town* was provided plus hot chocolate, tea and watery fruit juices.
*that might be a lie.

Hotel Leipzig Plovdiv review

The buffet breakfast consisted of hot items – eggy bread, bacon, sausage and fried eggs. All of which were good.

Hotel Leipzig Plovdiv review

And cold cold items including meats, cheese, salad, some very ripe fruit and cakes and rolls.

Hotel Leipzig Plovdiv review

Hotel Leipzig Plovdiv review

Apart from the “tastes like it’s still in Columbia” coffee, the breakfast was actually OK for the money with enough to keep you going when out touristing.

We bade farewell to the hotel after only one night and made our way back to Sofia.


+ Cheap
+ Easy access to transport and old town
+ Breakfast was fairly decent
+ One of a kind decor!
+ Good view!
+ Handy for the shopping centre opposite

– Smelly drains


Hotel Leipzig – Plovdiv, Russia Boulevard, Plovdiv





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