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Beer and cocktails event at Grunting Growler

3 beers v 3 cocktails

This Sunday (28th May) sees a lip smacking event from the beer heaven that is Grunting Growler.

Called SIP, the event consists of three beers and three cocktails.  The beers are limited editions and the cocktails specially developed for the event.

Grunting growler glasgow beer cocktails

Start off with a beer, learning all about it and enjoying the taste.  Then Grunting Growler get all creative and produce a beer cocktail with that beer.

Chill out and enjoy the drinks or debate what one was best – it’s up to you.

Tickets for the event can be purchased in-store.


Sunday 28th May

2pm until 4pm


Grunting Growler



GRUNting Growler Glasgow beer

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