World Buckfast Day 14th May 2016

world buckfast day

world buckfast day

Last year the (in)famous drink has had its National Buckfast Day created and this year the organisers are going global.  World Buckfast Day will be celebrated on Saturday 14th May worldwide.
Originally set out as date to honour the legendary Buckfast Tonic Wine throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland popular demand has turned the celebration into an international event


world buckfast day Bloc on Bath street, Glasgow
Bloc on Bath Street,Glasgow


Organizer Mark Onk told us:  “Some Scottish politicians wanted to ban Bucky blaming it on anti-social behavior.
This clearly shows how Buckfast can bring people together.
Last year we had people from as far away as Brazil and Australia joining in on the festivities. With young people going abroad to study and work
Buckfast is now enjoying an international cult following.”
Mark continued
“WBD can be celebrated any way you want, anywhere you want, as long as you are indulging in the fine wine and enjoying yourself.”
‘Buckateers’ are encouraged to take part in the event by registering on the Wreck The Hoose Juice
Facebook page.
world buckfast day
Drinking Buckfast may lead you to loose your clothes!


World Buckfast Day takes place Saturday May the 14th 2016.
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