Soup for the (sick) soul

Tomato soup


It doesn’t matter what my malady is I can guarantee it that I can be found convalescing on the couch with a bowl of Heinz tomato soup.

I could have a cold, muscle pain or be having a wobbly body day (you should see me on those days!), nothing short of a bowl of tomato soup and a couch seems to make the world a better place.

Tomato soup

I am no Doctor, but here is my prescription for    those ill days.

Step 1 : one can of Heinz cream of tomato soup – has to be Heinz, and tomato.  Chicken soup doesn’t work for me.

Step 2: at least two slices of bread, preferably Mothers Pride Scottish Plain bread.

Scottish bread

Step 3:  cook soup and place in bowl.

Step 4: break bread into pieces and add to soup in bowl.

Step 5: Slouch on couch without blanket covering you.  Eat soup.

It might not cure your ills, but some much-needed feel sorry for yourself time on the couch will help.

You’d think with all the advances in medicine there would be something much more scientific than: feel rough? Have soup! But there isn’t and soup helps you in many ways.

It’s historic – there’s a reason your parents, grandparents and their parents had soup.  It works.

Tomato soup
Vintage bowl is optional

Soup is easily digested, nourishing and light.  When you feel ill the last thing you need is something heavy to eat.

It’s comforting.  When you are feeling down most mums are good at dishing up soup. Get a virtual hug from mum in your bowl.

So if you are feeling poorly, needing a hug, some nourishment and something easy to eat.  You really can’t get any better than soup, and a childhood favourite flavour helps.

Tomato soup




I am Emma and with my husband Mark write Foodie Explorers, which is a food and travel website.

I am a member of the Guild of Food Writers and British Guild of Travel Writers.

We have a wide range of judging experience covering products, hotels and have judged, for example, for Great Taste Awards and Scottish Baker of the Year.

Along the way Mark gained WSET Level 2 in Wine and I have WSET Level 2 in Spirits as well as picking up an award with The Scotsman Food and Drink Awards.    

Usually I can be found sleeping beside a cat.

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