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Some tips to enjoy anCnoc whisky this Father’s Day

Knockdhu Distillery team

A few Knock Dhus (rather than don’ts) when it comes to enjoying anCnoc whisky this Father’s Day

A good single malt is often top of the list for gifts on Father’s Day. With this year’s Father’s Day fast approaching (it’s this Sunday – 20th June), the team at Knockdhu Distillery, the home of anCnoc Highland single malt Scotch whisky, have shared a few tips on how to enjoy their whisky.

Knockdhu Distillery team

If you’d like to add whisky to your growing lists of interests, the team suggest starting with a few basic tips to get you started.

1/ The next time you pour yourself a whisky, it’s worth initially trying it neat.

Although many people drink single malt with a few drops of water, others like the bold alcohol flavour in different drams. Try it and see what you think.

2/ If the taste is too strong for your taste buds, then add a few drops of water.

Why water? A splash helps you smell more of the single malt’s aromatics and flavours – but make sure it’s at room temperature. Pick up a few drops on a straw (just hold your finger over the top) and add one drop at a time to your dram. Swirl, taste and repeat until you find the flavour that you are looking for.

3/ After that – keep experimenting!

Try different single malts, food pairings, whisky cask finishes and bottlings. There are so many single malts available and that’s part of the fun. There’s bound to be one that’s just right for you.

Knockdhu Distillery ancnoc whisky and food pairing

For more information about anCnoc whisky visit www.ancnoc.com

ancnoc whisky


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