Moy Sushi, Mestni Trg 17, Ljublijana – April 2012


A latest fad of mine is to try out the local sushi.  I love sushi to bits and after finding what was the freshest sushi ever at Oko in Glasgow, I’m on a mission to find the best elsewhere.

Freshly made sushi and a modern decor with friendly staff helped us settle in easily (or was it the nice beer?), however after the fourth time of watching the same sushi going by I was disheartened.  The ordered food was tasty, however the rice was not close enough to the nori so it fell out a bit and the lack of belt action in a busy night was a bit annoying.

Union Beer (0.33lt €2.50), and Radler – like a shandy (0.33lt €2.50)


The restaurant just before it got busy 

In total our bill came to €42 which wasn’t too bad as we ordered a few bits of the dearer hot food due to travelling all day.  Would probably pop in, but when it was a lot busier.

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