Butter: A celebration By Olivia Potts

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Butter has made a huge resurgence over rivals such as margarine in recent years, mainly due to the realisation that butter is actually healthy and free of the dangerous trans-fats (known to cause heart disease) found in many artificially-created alternatives.

butter book cover

My memories of butter stem from my grandmother’s cooking with butter which she used in all types of baking: scones, pastry and coating the griddle when making pancakes. Old medical remedies employed butter very successfully, such as butter balls rolled in sugar for a sore throat. Not sure if it helped cure the sore throat but it certainly did help to ease the pain – and tasted wonderful!

‘Butter’ by Olivia Potts is an extremely well-written and beautifully-presented book. The chapters are well-organised and the recipes are easy to understand.

The book is not just full of recipes on how to use butter in everyday recipes but also takes you on a journey through the science and history of butter. A simple pat of butter can change the taste of so many foods. We all know it adds a wonderful flavour to baked potato or toast, but how many of us realise it’s also increasing your Vitamin D and preventing osteoporosis at the same time! Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin and butter helps its absorption into the body.

butter cookies
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Butter has had such an unwarranted bad press over the last 30-40 years that many people simply haven’t tasted butter! If you have never cooked with butter then this book is the perfect introduction, with delicious recipes such as:

Butter +eggs –

Turkish eggs with yoghurt and chilli butter

Butter + Meat

Lamb chops with chipotle and coriander butter

Butter + vegetables

Griddled lettuce wedges with blue cheese and walnut butter

And even recipes to tempt your sweet tooth:

Butter + sugar

Brown butter, milk chocolate and pretzel blondies.

The above are just a small selection of the many wonderful recipes in the book.

butter pie image
Photographer Matt Russell

Enjoy the journey that author Olivia Potts takes you on with this delightful book. The perfect present for a special friend or as a gift for yourself to read while curled up on a sofa.

Butter- A Celebration by Olivia Potts (published by Headline Publishing Group) is available from all good bookshops and online outlets.

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