Airplane travel

Airplane travel
Secrets to Booking Cheap Flights

Here’s some tips and pointers we have picked up along the way to finding cheap flights. Hope they help!

1. Search for flights midweek.

Some airlines have sales that launch and end mid-week, so take the time to search mid-week and not just at the weekend.

2. search for tickets one at a time

If you have the time, price your tickets for one at at time even if you are booking say four tickets.   There may be a price difference such as some seats on sale and you may be lucky and get some of the seats cheaper than if you bought all four at the same time!

3. Don’t avoid flying on the actual holiday.

Flying on Christmas Day might not make you popular with airline staff but you may get a bargain prices seat as everyone wants to be home by then.

4. Think about flying on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday.

Airplanes are generally less full on these days therefore cheaper fares.

5. Consider different airports.

Such as Long Beach instead of LAX, just remember to factor in any parking and transport extras.

6. Use social media

Keep an eye on Twitter and sign up to emails for carriers to watch out for flash sales.