Latest tasting menu launched at Dhoom in Dunfermline

Dhoom launches taste of Calcutta tasting men

Dhoom Indian Street Restaurant & Bar in Dunfermline has announced the launch of its latest tasting menu. This time the focus will be on the street food of Calcutta.

Dhoom has been part of the Dunfermline food scene since 2018, we visited last year (done that write-up yet Mark???) and enjoyed our visit. We’ll need to go back and try this one.

Owner and Head Chef Dhaneswhar Prasad came up with the unique concept of providing his diners with a sensory journey through various cities and cuisines in India.  Menus are carefully and meticulously curated, picking out elements that will appeal to Scottish tastebuds, whilst still retaining the character and essence of street food.

Each new menu runs for around six months at Dhoom, with Prasad taking at least five weeks to visit the region in India, researching its local cuisine.

Last year diners enjoyed a culinary journey around New Delhi, with the Delhi 6 taster menu proving very popular. Now it’s the time of Calcutta, or Kolkata, the colonial capital of the British Raj.

“Kolkata is a warm and welcoming coastal metropolitan megacity with a love for food, music, dance, poetry and culture,” said Prasad. “I am delighted to introduce this new menu which I researched last year. It’s hard to be away from my business and family for so long, and yes there is a considerable cost implication – it really is a £10k menu – but I consider this time absolutely essential to get the menu just right for my purposes, as after all, this menu will run for half of the year.” 

On the new Calcutta menu are dishes such as Tilli Kebab, served on a lollypop, Dak Bangla Chicken Curry garnished with coconut, Banglee Fish Fry with chilli & tamarind, Soya Galauti, and Nawabi Grilled Lamb with coriander. 

Dhoom refrains from using cream, desi ghee, butter and nuts, amongst others, in most of its dishes, making them healthier, but also suitable for diners with dietary requirements including gluten free, lactose intolerance, and dairy free.




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