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Christmas Cocktail 3

A Winter's Tail with Caorunn Gin


  • 35 ml Caorunn Gin
  • 50 ml Clarified Apples & Spices Milk
  • 20 ml Pear Cider
  • Clarified Milk:
  • 400 g Caster sugar
  • Peel from two lemons
  • 3 Coriander seeds
  • 1 kg Cox apple
  • 4- star anise
  • 500 ml Jasmine tea
  • 1000 ml Apple juice
  • 500 ml whole Milk
  • 150 ml Lemon juice


  • Muddle all the spices and fruit with sugar, add the zest and the hot tea.
  • Let it cool down, add the Apple juice and let it rest for 24h well covered in the fridge.
  • Strain the punch in a jar.
  • Warm up the milk until 80°c, add it to the punch while you are pouring the lemon juice in it.
  • Let it rest for 30 minutes until it will naturally curdle and strain it with coffee filter paper.
  • Once the liquid is filtered through, bottle it and label it.
  • Add Caorunn Gin and milk mixture to a Boston.
  • Shake and strain into an old fashioned glass.
  • Add a large ice cube.
  • Top up with pear cider.