Forget about the greasy post-pint kebab and get thinking about something a lot tastier.

'Babs Kebab Glasgow
‘Babs Kebab Glasgow

The team at burger restaurant Bread Meats Bread are behind ‘Babs, a kebab shop where their slogan is “kebabs done right”

Babs Kebab glasgow

‘Babs will be opening around Easter on West Nile Street, where Veronica’s beauty salon, Calico or (if you’re even older) Rusk hairdressers used to be, next door to Vroni’s, with work starting on the site this week.

 'Babs Kebab Glasgow
‘Babs Kebab Glasgow

Just like their sister business Bread Meats Bread, ‘Babs will be using local Scottish producers.

Babs Kebab glasgow

We’re looking forward to this as although we’ve never been to Turkey, the best kebabs we’ve ever had were in Berlin (which has a massive Turkish population) and it’s a non-burger addition to the Glasgow food scene.

Location:  ‘Babs, 49 West Nile Street, Glasgow


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