Work Christmas Party Do’s and Don’ts

Christmas party


It’s that time of the year again, here are some tips on how to make it a night to remember for the right reasons !



1. Do make an effort to look smart and well-groomed, impress the boss and James in sales.

2. Do socialise, but no bitchin – talk about holidays and family.

3. Network, chat to people you haven’t met before and re-affirm your buddies.

4. Pre-book a taxi or organise a pick up. Walking home in heels and a dress in the cold isn’t good.

5. Do talk about work, but not the moaning part  of it.  Talk about things you are proud of.

Christmas party


1. Don’t gossip or confess your undying love for James in sales.

2. Don’t be the one everyone is talking about the next day. Alternate drinks with water.

3. Don’t get too friendly with the boss.

4. Don’t outstay your welcome. Leave before things get crazy.

5. Don’t crawl in hungover and late or pull a sickie.  If you are a party animal put in for some annual leave.


Christmas party








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