10 Valentine’s Gifts for your beau

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It’s almost Valentine’s Day and love is all around (hopefully). However, finding a suitable gift for your man can be hard.

Chocolates and flowers aren’t really your go-to gift for men (Mr Foodie is open to receiving chocolate any day of the year!) so here are 10 things you can get for your man this Valentine’s Day.

1. Chocolate Game Controller

OK I lied, chocolates are good for everyone. The perfect gift for the man who loves his Xbox, PlayStation or Nintendo and has a sweet tooth.  Find out more here.

Valentine's men chocolate game controller


2. Slow brew sloth tea infuser

Does your chap love his chai? Then this is perfect.  Brew his favourite tea and get a smile with this sloth tea infuser.

Valentine's Day sloth tea infuser

3. Manly grooming from Arran

Is there anything nicer than a freshly cleaned man? (Well…) If your other half likes to keep himself clean and tidy then this shave stone from Arran is for him.  It is modelled on a pebble from Whiting Bay, Scented with Machrie shave soap, which smells of sea salt, labdanum, myrrh, clary sage, patchouli and rockrose.  Use with their boar bristle shave brush for the full effect.

arran aromatics valentines

4. Itchen Ipad Bag

Thankfully man bags are a thing now and we don’t have to carry all their bits and pieces around for them.  This compact shoulder bag from Chapman is perfect for carrying essentials when travelling or working and comes with an interior padded tablet section to keep his iPad safe.

Itchen Ipad 3

5. Build your own camper van

A Lego of the classic 1962 Volkswagen Camper Van for the man who loves camper vans and Lego?  Do it together or give him some man-time to complete this one.

lego campervan

6. Limited-edition whisky

Eden Mill distillery in St Andrews produce beer, gin and now whisky.  You’ll probably have seen their gin gracing the gantry of many a bar. However, we think a limited edition whisky would be the ideal man gift out the three, and there are 3 whiskies in the range too, each finished in different barrel types.

eden mill whisky

7. Netflix

If you haven’t watched Making a murderer or Stranger things, or love unusual documentaries then sign-up and indulge his taste for good or bad movies with a night in watching an entire series in one go!  Go on, you’ll get brownie points for it.

8. Some lingerie

On the face of it, this looks like it’s more for you than him.  But the best gifts come wrapped,  don’t they?  Have a look here at Agent Provocateur for some ideas.

agent provocateur valentines

9. Titillate his intellectual prowess

With a book.  It doesn’t have to be all 50 shades, however, that will help the night along I’m sure!  Look at his Amazon wish-list and pick something out he has been longing for.

heart book valentine

10. Give him what he wants

I’m sure we all know what a man would like if you asked him what he really wanted for Valentine’s Day!  Buy or make some love vouchers he can claim throughout the day, week or year.  Make them steamie or clean-cut, it’s up to you.

love tokens valentines day

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