The Smallest KFC in the world

If only I lived in Portland.

Known for the crazy Unipiper, the unicycling bagpipe playing Darth Vader…..

Last year, around this time, we reported on the Japanese love obsession with KFC at Christmas, well this year we are here to tell you that Portland was home to the “world’s smallest KFC” but for one day only! Complete with a functioning kitchen serving real-life boxes of KFC for free to fans, although admittedly very small boxes of KFC so I don’t think Mr Foodie would be impressed by the portion size but I wonder if you can supersize your order?!

Reddit user Dtrapezeoid visited and shared their photos of the dinkiest KFC ever.

reddit kfc portland worlds smallest kfc

Something tells me I’d be visiting a couple of times to get my chicken fix 🙂


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