The Pines, Crookston Road, Glasgow – Jan 2011

One of the Sizzler chain of bars/restaurants, The Pines is located near to Ross Hall  Hospital on Crookston Road.

A cheap two meals for £5  deal pulled us in for a visit.   Cheeseburger and Chips and  Chicken Breast and Chips were ordered as well as a splurge of pudding as we were feeling like a pair of starvers.
Both dinners were your usual cheap pub grub fare, nothing brilliant but nothing bad – just of that filling a need standard, nothing to go out your way for.

(apologies for the colouring of the picture, bad mobile!)

Afters consisted of a Toffee, Apple and Cinamon Meltdown (£2.99) which was very festive tasting.  Thumbs up.  Although it did seem very lonely swimming in a dinner plate of custard.

Treacle Pudding and Custard (£2.59) also tasted very good and again on a dinner plate full of custard.

Both courses did their job of filling a belly, but at the School dinners end of the culinary wedge.

The toilets were grubby and in need of some tlc.  Although this could be due to the sign below!

Previous visit 2008

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  1. Ann ferguson
    27/06/2014 / 4:07 am
    I have given my comment but didnt leave my name my birthday dinner at the pines on 26/ june i was disappointed at the food the attitude when complaining what a waste of £50.00 food was terrible i cane home and made a toastie not something you expect to do after going out for a meal!!! Spoiled my birthday with be informing consumer direct and enviromental health about DEAD FLY In my sons dinner!!!!

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