The Pines, Crookston Road – Dec 2008

Due to a cheapy voucher of 2 main meals for a fiver – we ventured to The Pines. Part of the Sizzler chain with another one in Baillieston (that I know of that is), it has a restaurant and a separate pub area.


Go in and pick a table you like the look of, check out the menu and shift yourself up to the bar – no table numbers so a bit of a “er we are over there, no there, no I mean there” – bit of an odd one that.

We got our meals pretty quickly. BBQ smothered chicken – described as ” A chicken breast served with bacon and BBQ sauce,
topped with melting cheese with chips” normal price £3.99. Other half had Ciabatta sandwich with salad, tortilla chips and Smothered Chicken with BBQ sauce, bacon & cheese too £3.99, mother – Tipsy Steak Pie
Chunks of steak in rich ale gravy cooked in shortcrust pastry served
with peas and chips. £4.99 and another BBQ chicken ordered. We splashed out on Loaded Sirloin Steak
(with onions, onion rings, corn on the cob, button mushrooms, tomato and chips) for DIY boy. £8.29. T

BH the dinners were decidedly average, I wouldn’t pay the normal price for them. It was a need food experience, not lets go to enjoy it. Cheese wasnt melted totally on the bbq chicken (i know picky but it would’ve made it much nicer), pie looked a bit boring :(, steak was ordered medium – yet well done – mushrooms were wrinkly and looked like they has sat about all all day.

Our plates were lifted without being asked if we were finished! Another table were having the christmas menu and looked a bit of a wee day out. They asked if they could order some drinks as they were munching at their dinner, waitress declined and said they used to do that but due to it getting busy they didn’t anymore – the place was dead – surely she could’ve bent the rules for 5 minutes! Place was pretty empty for a saturday afternoon. Now I know why!

Won’t rush back unless another cheapy voucher and in the area and starving.

Where is it:-

The Pines

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