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london essence company london cocktail week

New hub for London Cocktail Week

The London Essence Company have created  ‘The Essence House’ – a hotly-anticipated drinks experience at the heart of the newly-created Covent Garden hub for London Cocktail Week.

Taking place across two floors of the stunning Carriage Hall, on Floral Street – the pop-up has new and elevated features for 2021 and is extended until 24th October.

A new addition to The Essence House will include ‘The London Cocktail Week Bar’, a brand-new bar in partnership with the festival open to all members of the public, presenting a full menu of exquisite cocktails, including signature drinks created by bartenders from the UK and Europe, all using London Essence’s luxury mixer collection.


london essence company london cocktail weekThe London Cocktail Week Bar serves exclusively curated Signature Cocktails from £7 for those with a London Cocktail Week wristband, and £10 for those without. In addition to this, the space will also host other experiences that visitors can enjoy, including “Sunday Cocktail Brunches” with Belvedere Organic Infusions.

The journey begins in ‘The Palate Profiling Room’ – a unique hands-on experience, curated by Dr Rachel Edwards-Stuart. Through a series of interactive taste and aroma tests, guests will be exposed to new ways to reimagine taste – uncovering their sensitivity to sweet, acidic and bitter flavours, to help build a picture of their palate and its flavour preferences.

As guests move through The Essence House, they will enter ‘The Effervescence Room’ – an immersive journey into the world of bubbles, fizz and carbonation and how these sensations elevate the drink experience. Through a series of blind taste tests – guests will gain a deeper understanding of how carbonation affects flavour and how The London Essence Company creates its superior flavours and aromas. With these next-level skills, they’ll understand how to reinvent cocktails they create for others too.

Guests will then be led to “The Essence House Kitchen”– an immersive masterclass highlighting the importance of ice, glassware and garnishing. From exploring tips to balancing flavour pairings to the art of presentation and the impact this has on drinking experiences, visitors will be able to personally handcraft elegant garnishes to add a unique and personal touch to their cocktails. Following garnishing their bespoke drinks, visitors will be able to enjoy this beautifully mixed cocktail that has been perfectly matched to their palate profile.

With the knowledge of their personal profile, the experience will conclude at The London Essence House Bar. An exquisitely designed, relaxed and elegant setting, where guests can enjoy a second complimentary drink. Plus, guests are invited to have a drink on the beautifully lit terrace bar. An opportunity to sit back and enjoy an exquisitely crafted cocktail.

Throughout The Essence House experience, London Essence’s premium mixers from distilled botanicals will be paired with Hennessey VS Cognac, Martin Miller’s Gin, X by Glenmorangie Single Malt Whisky and Belvedere Organic Infusions, as well as Everleaf; a complex non-alcoholic aperitif.

For further information on visiting Essence House please visit

Tickets now available for £21.97 per person


london essence company london cocktail week


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