Thanksgiving dinner at Hard Rock Cafe

Hard Rock Cafe thanksgiving 2019

2 course meal plus a cocktail to celebrate Thanksgiving at HRC

We were invited along to Hard Rock Cafe in Glasgow to try out their Thanksgiving Menu.  With delights such as roast turkey served with gravy, stuffing, cranberries and sweet potato followed by pumpkin pie – who could say no (vegans – ed)?

Hard Rock Cafe thanksgiving 2019

Whether you are an American abroad missing the Thanksgiving family get-together or just fancy an excuse to start the party season early, then Hard Rock Cafe have got you sorted.

Hard Rock Cafe thanksgiving 2019
Slow-roasted turkey breast, roasted carrots and sprouts, home-style classic stuffing, creamy sweet potato mash, a tub of cranberry sauce and plenty of traditional turkey gravy. The cost of this feast is £15.95.

Hard Rock Cafe thanksgiving 2019

No mushy sprouts here! Crisp veggies, creamy sweet potato mash and lots of cranberry sauce and gravy for the turkey.

Hard Rock Cafe thanksgiving 2019

Everything was spot on so we finished the lot! It’s a very filling plate of food.

Hard Rock Cafe thanksgiving 2019

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A slice of pumpkin pie (£6.50) topped with caramel sauce, toasted walnuts and house-made whipped cream.

Hard Rock Cafe thanksgiving 2019

Pumpkin pie isn’t our favourite dessert in the world, truth be told, as it can be quite bland so needs a good amount of cinnamon and nutmeg to give it flavour. Here we could taste the spices but best of all, it was served with a sweet caramel sauce and cream. You’d best bring those expanding trousers with you!

There’s an optional cocktail of Espresso Martini (£10.35): chilled and served with Grey Goose Vodka, Kahlúa® and freshly brewed espresso. A creamy and luxurious espresso martini to end a filling meal.

Hard Rock Cafe thanksgiving 2019

A Mini Turkey meal is available for Li’l Roxtars (for kids up to 10 years old)


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Thursday 28th November 2019

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Disclaimer: Thank you to Hard Rock Cafe Glasgow for inviting us in for Thanksgiving.  Fred sez we told the truth even though we didn’t bring him back any leftover turkey (because there was none!).

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