Celebrating Thanksgiving at Ad Lib, Glasgow

Ad lib Glasgow Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving 2017 in Glasgow

You don’t have to be American to celebrate Thanksgiving and who would want to miss this delicious sounding meal?  Apple cider glazed turkey breast with maple bacon, candied sweet potatoes, mac ‘n’ cheese, creamy mash, green bean casserole, cheesy corn bread with stuffing and gravy!

Ad lib Glasgow Thanksgiving

Plus £1 from every meal would be donated to Destiny Angels Christmas Toy Campaign.

With our elasticated trousers ready we sat down to our lunchtime feast, with our server exclaiming “I hope you’re hungry!!!”

Ad lib Glasgow Thanksgiving Is that toasted marshmallow on top of sweet potato? Yes it is!

I had to wrestle the mac ’n’ cheese bowl away from Mr Foodie,  doesn’t he know it’s all mine? The sweet potato with a forkful of stuffing and turkey was delicious. 😍  I’m picky about mash, and this got the 👍 From me.  Smooth and creamy with no lumps.  Lots of gravy for soaking into the cornbread, I was nearly pinching Mr Foodie’s portion…

However, my eyes were indeed bigger than my stomach and I had to leave some space for pudding – pumpkin pie and ice cream.

Ad lib Glasgow Thanksgiving

Very seasonal with loads of cinnamon, which was great as pumpkin on its own is pretty bland, and the buttery base was crunchingly good. I’m converted to eating more pumpkin pie, I’ve never been a big fan before now.

We gave thanks to the harvest and now needed a lie down… I think I’ve found a new tradition (the eating of Thanksgiving not the lie down, as I’m good at that already!)

Ad lib Glasgow Thanksgiving

Our bellies were full and happy, in fact so full that I didn’t eat anything else yesterday until a snack at 11pm.

Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃

Ad Lib City Centre
111 Hope Street
G2 6LL Glasgow
0141 248 6645


Disclaimer: Fred sez dis look good. He says that although the kind folk at Ad Lib treated us to complimentary food it really was an enjoyable feast.

fred purr of honour

Glasgow Foodie
Glasgow Foodie

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