Ten things not to do at the Christmas Party

Christmas party

It’s that time of year again;  crowded streets, jangly music, starting to get a cold….it’s Christmas Party Season!

Christmas party

Ten ways to make an impression at your office’s festivities….

1. Sleeping with your colleague/ boss – How do you even look at someone you got naked with the night before?

2. Debating touchy subjects (gay rights/religion.  Not the best idea.

3. Wearing something a bit too revealing – no we don’t want to see your jingle balls pants….

4. Eating too little and getting drunk on one Lambrini.

5. Drinking too much – or you’ll be dancing along to Mr Blobby.

6. Bitching about work. Asking for a raise isn’t good either.

7. Posting images of the party online. Especially when the business can be identified. In fact put the phone away. You are here to have fun in real life.

8. Leaving a drunken note on someone’s desk – let’s see how quickly that goes around the company!.

9. Falling asleep under your desk.

10. Crying. If you do, at least wear waterproof mascara.

How to survive the Christmas party

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