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Food review: Sugo – fresh pasta restaurant Glasgow

Sugo fresh pasta Glasgow

Paesano opens new sister restaurant SUGO

The owners of Paesano have hit the top spot again with their new restaurant SUGO. The official opening is Monday 2nd December and we got a pre-opening look and taste of the fresh pasta before officially opening to the public.

Sugo fresh pasta Glasgow

On the ground floor of Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s old Herald building on Mitchell Lane next to the Lighthouse. The site is only five minutes walk, or less, from Glasgow Central and Queen Street railway stations as well as St Enoch and Buchanan Street subway stations.


Sugo fresh pasta Glasgow

The place is huge – there’s seating for 250 people, but given the popularity of Paesano that’s no guarantee that you can just walk in and expect a table (no bookings taken, walk-ins only). There’s also no pizza for sale here, or the likes of carbonara or spag bol!

Sugo fresh pasta Glasgow

On the menu is pasta from Campania, Liguria, Tuscany, Emilia Romagna, Lazio, Calabria and Sicily.

So, let’s look at the menu and the food!


Pasta menu sugo Glasgow
Drinks menu sugo Glasgow
Dessert menu sugo Glasgow

Food and drink

A couple of glasses of red wine (Merlot from Veneto and a Pinot Noir from Campania) arrived alongside a jug of water as we perused the menu. The recommendation is to share 3 mains between 2. With our food then ordered, it was no time at all until it arrived at our table.

Sugo fresh pasta Glasgow

Order some of the sourdough bread and olive oil to start (we asked for balsamic as well, and it’s the good stuff they bring out). Chewy and fluffy bread which was perfect for dipping into the EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil). 😍

Tagliolini with pesto, green beans and potato (Liguria) Sugo Glasgow fresh pasta
Tagliolini with pesto, green beans and potato (Liguria) £6

We’ve had potato a few times on pizza but never with pasta, who knew the Italians liked their potatoes as much as we do!

Taglioni is related to the Tagliatelle pasta which no doubt you’ve come across. The difference here is the cut of the pasta, Taglioni is thinner.  This pasta was coated in pesto with generous amounts of potato and green beans.  A winner if you are a pesto fan.

Chitarra with confit tomato, anchovy, chilli, garlic and ricotta salata (Emilia Romagna) Fresh pasta sugo Glasgow
Chitarra with confit tomato, anchovy, chilli, garlic and ricotta salata (Emilia Romagna) £7

Next to try, Chitarra with confit tomato, anchovy, chilli, garlic and ricotta salata. This is a spaghetti-style pasta where the name comes from the tool used to make the pasta, a chitarra, “guitar”.  The tool with which the pasta is made is a frame with a series of parallel wires crossing it. This one is recommended for fans of seafood.

Spinach and ricotta ravioli with sage butter (Lazio) Fresh pasta sugo Glasgow
Spinach and ricotta ravioli with sage butter (Lazio) £9

Big filled parcels of pasta with fresh sage and sage butter, a herby flavour which, sage & onion stuffing aside, doesn’t make too many appearances on Glasgow restaurant menus.

Burata mozzarella cheese sugo Glasgow
Burrata £5 and Panzanella £3.50

The creamy Apulian burrata was perfect alongside the Panzanella.  Panzanella is a Tuscan tomato and bread salad.  Order both and mix them together like we did (just don’t tell the locals).🤘

Amalfi lemon tart sugo dessert
Amalfi Lemon Tart £4.50
Ice cream with Amarena cherries sugo Glasgow
Ice cream £3 with Amarena cherries £1

The dessert menu is fairly simple – starting with ice cream, which you can have with chocolate, raspberry or Amarena cherries, which always reminds Mrs Foodie of venturing to Fazzi’s when younger to buy real ice cream. The cherries are lovely!  Our other pudding was a tart but also sweet lemon tart. Other choices include chocolate tart, affogato and cannolo with ricotta, pistachio and chocolate.


Once again the team behind Paesano look like they have come up with a winner. Fresh ingredients and a full view of the staff working away in the kitchen to make and then cook the pasta create a casual dining experience that is quick but doesn’t feel pressured and is miles better than what Jamie’s Italian offered. Our meal for 2 would’ve come to just under £50 and filled our bellies, our only criticism is that some of the pasta was a wee bit too al dente.

Sugo fresh pasta Glasgow Sourdough bread


+ Massive, modern restaurant
+ Fast and fresh pasta
+ The sourdough and olive oil combo
+ Excellent location for transport links

– Some pasta a wee bit too al dente

Sugo fresh pasta Glasgow


70 Mitchell Street
G1 3LX


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No reservations taken.  Walk-ins only.


Flat entrance with single door entry. Disabled toilet on the entrance level.
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Disclaimer: we received a complimentary meal but Fred sez we aren’t food blaggers cos we wrote about it straight away and will probably go back again this week!

fred purr of honour


Sugo fresh pasta Glasgow

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