Scots stop food waste by going frozen

frozen_foods we hae meat glasgow foodie explorers food blog

frozen_foods we hae meat glasgow foodie explorers food blog

Everyone is always looking to reduce waste and it looks like Foodie Explorers are not the only ones reaching into their freezer on a Sunday to sort out that fry up.

As part of the launch of Ayrshire-based family butcher business – ‘We hae meat’ – ” farm to frozen’ range a study was carried out, we took part as well, which revealed that more than half of Scots mentioned that minimising food waste was among their top drivers when purchasing from the frozen aisle, with waste food costing Scottish households £470 a year.

‘Convenience’ and ‘value for money’ also topped the polls, suggesting frozen food appeals to a new generation of shoppers who are increasingly price-savvy, environmentally conscious and work to busy schedules. (It’s a lot handier to dig out a sausage from the freezer in your jammies!) .  The We Hae Meat range will be available at ASDA which is great to see more Scottish companies being supported.



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