Rogano unveils art amid lockdown

Rogano mural

Rotating art project for Glasgows Rogano


The Rogano may be closed for now however the restaurant is working with a series of Glasgow based artists to take over its iconic front.

The boarding covering the iconic restaurant front will have a different artist create a bespoke piece telling stories of Rogano through their art.

Rogano mural

Starting with illustrator and cartoonist, Ida Henrich pays tribute to some of the Glasgow institutions most illustrious guests over the years. Small clues – some more obvious than others – allude to some of the most famous diners at the restaurant.

Artist Henrich had this to say –

“Within my design, I wanted to celebrate the many special occasions from Rogano’s long history. The artwork is inspired by BBC 4’s ‘My Dream Dinner Party’ in which I envisioned some of the Rogano’s past star visitors around the table. As the main star of the artwork, the food is at eye level. Hints within the artwork allude to the famous guests, but I also just wanted viewers to remember their own special occasions; eating oysters, trying lobster for the first time and sipping on fish soup!”.

Each piece will be in position for eight weeks, after which a fresh canvas will go up and a new artist will take over. Each completed art piece will be available to purchase, each raising money for a different charity coinciding with the hopeful reopening of Rogano in 2021.

Managing Director Lynn Mortimer said

“When guests thought we were closing for good we were inundated with their stories from the restaurant over the years. It is more important than ever for us to preserve the history of Rogano. Rogano has been part of the fabric of Glasgow for over 85 years and while we can’t meet with our friends at the moment we want to help evoke some of our guests memories from dining or drinking at Rogano over the years. We’re looking forward to being able to raise money for some of our favourite charities while allowing people to own a piece of Rogano history through some truly special public art.”

Ida Henrich’s Dinner Party mural is available to view outside the Rogano at 11 Exchange Place, Glasgow  till the end of November when the next artist will be unveiled.



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