Recipes for brunch at home as if you are out

Foodie Explorers jugged kippers without the smell recipe

Ten recipes for brunch at home that will make you think you are dining out


No need to skip the weekend brunch routine with these ten recipes to make you feel like you are dining out at your fave local cafe.  Waffles to creamy scrambled egg with a cheeky overnight oats thrown in as well.  Bone app the teeth!


Arbroath Smokie Brunch

Recipe: Arbroath Smokie Brunch

Three sisters bake overnight oats


Recipe: Three Sisters Bake Overnight Oats

Slow Cooker Full Breakfast

Recipe: slow cooker fry-up breakfast

Cloud Eggs

Recipe: Cloud Eggs how to make them


Spinach Waffles

Spinach Waffles Recipe

Brunch Tortilla

Recipe: Tortilla for brunch, lunch or a snack


Scrambled eggs

Recipe: The best scrambled eggs

Jugged Kippers

Recipe: Jugged Kippers for a weekend brunch

Roasted Asparagus, Smoked Salmon and Scrambled Eggs

Recipe: roasted asparagus, scrambled egg and smoked trout brunch

Smoked Salmon Waffles

Recipe: Smoked Salmon and Waffles


10 brunch at home recipes


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