Product: The Hebridean Food Co. Crab & Sweetcorn Chowder

Certainly a winter warmer this one!

It’s always soup season in our house but this weather definitely makes you want a bowl of comforting soup. We spotted some The Hebridean Food Co. crab and Sweetcorn chowder at Lidl (£1.69) so decided to give it a go!

The Hebridean Food co crab and Sweetcorn Chowder review

Liking the packaging, very swish. But does the soup live up to the packaging?

The Hebridean Food co crab and Sweetcorn Chowder review

This was a 300g tub of soup. Enough for one comfortably. Maybe a slice of crusty bread to dip into it?

The Hebridean Food co crab and Sweetcorn Chowder review

A good appetising colour with chunks, not as many as a home-made would be but a good amount of soup ingredients.  Just as well I kind of like chilli.  Lots of chilli here, was this a rogue batch or is it always this feisty?  Fill your boots if you would like some chilli soup but this was crab and sweetcorn chowder!

The chilli overpowered any crab in this soup 😔- a touch of chilli is mentioned on the label – what touched by the whole plant?

Much promise with this soup and it looked the part as well.  There’s a tub of smoked salmon chowder awaiting munching, let’s see what that has to offer.



+ looks good

– too much chilli

– not even a sniff from Fred



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